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We are gearing up for Christmas!

Choose and Cut day is this Saturday the 4th. The Sparta Store is having a sale, in conjunction with many other events in the County.

We’ll be giving 15% off all of our selection of things to celebrate with, like Christmas Cards and Ornaments, and for gifts, our ceramic tiles. Our prints, which also make great gifts, are 25% off.

In addition to our sale, our new neighbor, the Alleghany Historical Museum, is celebrating its grand opening, Saturday. They will be open from 10am till 5pm with a ribbon cutting at 2pm. There will be a reception at the Alleghany Jubilee afterward.

While you’re in town for the museum and our sale, be sure to stop by all the other shops on Main Street to see what goodies everyone else has, too. And don’t forget to come back to the Jubilee that night!

Also on this action packed Saturday, there will be a craft fair at the Emerson Black Building at the Justice Carlisle Higgins Fairgrounds from 9am-4:30pm, and in addition to the show at the Jubilee, The Vision Band will be playing at Silver Dollar Music Park at 8pm.

Then you can go home and relax. It’ll be a busy day.

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Searching for Opti-Copy info?

Opti-Copy's trademark for many years.
Opti-Copy Trademark for many years.

If you’re looking for information on Opti-Copy, Ron Halsey, or Jeff Halsey,  contact us.

We both worked at Opti-Copy for years in the 1970’s and 80’s. Dad was the sixth person hired and I was the sixteenth. We started out in North Kansas City, Missouri and later moved the plant to Lenexa, Kansas. It was a great place for a young (or older) kid to learn. Everything from film, chemistry, physics, photography, lens theory, mechanics- you name it!- was available from some darn fine model-makers and engineers. There were also one or two good camera technicians around.

Joe Wally, Sam Wilson, Jack Wally, Paul Brown, Louie Friedly, BB Young and George Martin were only some of the folks around there to learn from. We built what was then state-of-the-art prepress equipment, with reps from Kodak, Du Pont, Agfa, Fuji stopping by every few days to “test something out.”

We shipped and installed our step-and-repeat projection systems all over the US and Canada and later Europe, Australia and South Africa. Before long, Opti had even sold more than a few systems to Japanese companies.

So… if you have a comment or a question about our days at Opti, give us a call. We might even remember the answer!