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Thursday, June 2, from 3-6:00 pm, we’ll host book signings at The Sparta Store for two books we’ve helped with.

Dr. Suzanne Mellow Irwin and Zach Hamm, author and illustrator of the children’s book, The Stratford Oaks Tales, The Tale of Gretchen, and Kate Clay Bodeen, author of Pat Crisp, Like a Moth to the Flame, a historical book about her grandfather, will be here. Both books are currently available at The Sparta Store, online and in-store.

Suzanne and Zach will be at the store, and Kay will be next door at the Alleghany Historical Museum.

The Museum is hosting Business After Hours for the Chamber of Commerce, but the food and drinks will in our store. It will definitely be a collaborative effort.

The event is co-hosted by Alleghany County Library. David, Gary, and Ernest Joines volunteered to supply old-time music.

Come out and see everyone!
If you really need a reason to come out on a Thursday night, you might want to…

Support our local authors.
Check out the Education in Alleghany Exhibit at the Museum.
Listen to David, Gary, and Ernest play.
Talk to Bob and Debbie and learn about the services the Chamber and Library offer our community.

We look forward to seeing you on June 2!

If you’ve got a book you need help with, or just a good idea, contact us today!


Now you check out video from the event:

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ISI Launches New Book Site – STAR ROUTE BOOKS

Star Route Books is the name of our new imprint, or the name for the line of books we generate. We will continue to concentrate on regional, historical and cultural subjects and feel this name fits our rural roots perfectly. Growing up, my family addressed mail to my grandparents, “Star Route, Sparta,” so to us, the name has a nice, down home quality.

Star Route Books Logo

According to the National Postal Museum website, “In 1845, postal officials tried a new approach to expand the nation’s mail service—Star Routes. The Post Office Department hired contractors for these new routes and allowed them to use any form of transportation they chose to carry the mail, from canoes to snowshoes. The mail has traveled along this network of Star Routes across America’s valleys, mountains, rivers, and highways ever since.”

Contractors were “to carry the mail with ‘celerity (speed), certainty, and security‘.”

I can’t think of a better way to describe our commitment to our customers. Imaging Specialists has delivered superior quality and service for over 20 years- from our beginnings as a trade shop for the printing industry, to the full service graphics we offer today.

If you need help with your novel, cookbook, family album- or whatever project you have in mind, we can help you get from an idea to a finished product. Contact us today!

Star Route Books is at