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NEW Interactive Map Online at the Town of Sparta

A section of the new, interactive Town Map at, by Imaging Specialists.

If you’ve not already seen it, be sure to visit the Town of Sparta’s new interactive, online map, here. ISI originally developed the map for the Sparta Revitalization Committee last year, for use in You Are Here type displays around town. When the town requested a map for their site, we decided to make it interactive. We converted map elements to animated icons that “pop up” with a short description and links to respective sites.

The decision was made to add services and businesses that a visitor to the area might need, so we included links to emergency medical and fire services. We also included landmarks like the water tower for orientation and some other important locations like the pharmacies, the churches, the funeral home and Alleghany High School’s ball fields.

If you need dynamic, interactive elements for your site, contact Claire at Imaging Specialists, today.

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Look Into the Eyes of an Original Patriot

If you’ve never met a minuteman, TIME’s Light Box has some amazing photos you need to see.

Jonathan Smith, daguerreotype.
Jonathan Smith fought in the Battle of Long Island on August 29, 1778. His unit was the first brigade that went out on Long Island, and was discharged in December after a violent snow storm. After the war he became a Baptist minister. He was married three times and had eleven children. The first two wives died and for some reason he left his third wife in Rhode Island to live with two of the children in Massachusetts. On October 20, 1854, he had a daguerreotype taken to give to a granddaughter. He died on January 3, 1855.

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