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2014 NCSH Awards

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We attended the Annual Awards Banquet of the North Carolina Society of Historians in Mooresville, on October 25.

We won a Joe M. McLauren Newsletter award for the Alleghany Historical Genealogical Society newsletter we produce.

Our 2014 issue Emma Jean’s Blue Ridge Almanac also won Paul Green Multimedia Award. (The 2015 book will be available in November.)

Imaging Specialists, Inc. also redesigned the 14 NCSH award certificates and printed them, this year.


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Angel Street


Here’s a poster we drew for Angel Street, the play opening tomorrow night (Halloween) in Sparta. It’s based on the old movie Gaslight, where Charles Boyer tries to convince his new wife, Ingrid Bergman, she’s crazy. We used an actual gas flame for the lamp illustration and found the gradient made a nice, spooky evening background, also.

Plan to join us and the Alleghany Community Theatre at 8:45pm – NO ADMISSION charged, but mainly for adults- not really a kid’s event.

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Exciting News at ISI!