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Rotary Drawdown Tickets

Tracking Progress at the 2015 Drawdown. Photo by Alleghany Rotary Club.

RotaryLogoThis week, we printed the 300 tickets for Grayson National Bank and the Annual Rotary Club Drawdown.

For several years, we have supplied the Rotarians with the giant name list posters for the event.

Members of Alleghany Rotary Club sell 300 tickets for $100 each for the fundraiser. Each ticket is a chance for the Grand Prize of $5000.

After dinner, ticket stubs are drawn and each name is marked off the posters. While most folks obviously don’t win, every 25th ticket drawn does receive $100.

The Drawdown is a great fundraising project for the Rotary Club. Proceeds from the event go to fund the various projects in our community.

Thank You Grayson National  Bank and Rotary of Alleghany for letting us help with this important fund raising event.

If you need tickets, event posters, or any graphics for your upcoming fundraiser, contact us. For more info on Alleghany Rotary Club, visit their facebook page.

Grayson National Bank

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The Echos of Sparta Hi, 1947

BookCoverImageThe latest title from Star Route Books is Echos of Sparta Hi, a reprint of the 1947 Sparta High School yearbook, which was the second annual the school produced. The first annual was printed a decade before, in 1937.

The book includes all four High School grades and elementary school photos for everyone attending Sparta School that year.

The book is being re-published as a fundraiser for the Alleghany Historical Museum by the Alleghany Historical – Genealogical Society and is the first of several titles planned for release in 2016.

The 80-page, softcover book measures 8.5″ x 11″ and is printed on cream colored stock. It retails for just $12.50, and will be available at the Alleghany Historical Museum in Sparta, NC, when it re-opens in the Spring (March 31) and online at Shop.StarRoute.Net, and Amazon.

The FFA and Home Ec Club pages from the 1947 edition of The Echos of Sparta Hi.
The FFA and Home Ec Club pages from the 1947 edition of The Echos of Sparta Hi.
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Alleghany Ed Foundation Scholarship Forms

This week, we’ve been updating 2016 scholarship forms for Alleghany County Educational Foundation. The Educational Foundation is a scholarship resource that manages and distributes scholarships from individuals and organizations in the county for seniors at Alleghany High School.

Students must complete 20 individual forms each year, to apply for over 70 scholarships. Several of the scholarships allow for multiple recipients.ACEFsite With only around 100 graduates each year, students who want to go college will likely receive some level of assistance from the organization.

Imaging Specialists helped improve what was a laborious, time consuming application process. Before 2008, students were given a stack of applications to fill out, by hand. That year, ISI digitized the forms and created an editable, master form in Adobe Acrobat that included all available applications. Form fields were linked throughout the document, so the student only had to enter contact info once – on the first form – and the information was populated throughout.

We made the form available, online, so that students would have access the from anywhere. Making it available in this way ensured the students would also always have access to the latest version of the form. Updates and changes made by the Foundation would, of course, be immediate and available to everyone.

Information submitted to the organization is in a clean, readable format. While the Foundation has opted to receive printed copies from students, we could easily set up a button, to submit the data, digitally, allowing the recipient to cut, paste or file the information directly into a database.

AEFFormThis year, we’ve worked with the organization to split the form, so that the main application can be filled out by each student, and submitted regardless of what individual scholarships they might be applying for. We also added a button so that students can save the document to the cloud in their own personal Google accounts.

Students are able to save partial or completed PDFs to their computer, a portable drive, or their Google account, so that they can edit,  re-save, or print out forms at any time.

If you have a complicated, time-consuming process you need to simplify, talk to us. We can help you find a solution.