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News for Your Organization

PCUMCFeb2016We’re working, this week, on the Spring newsletter for Piney Creek United Methodist Church. This expanded edition features Christmas news and photos of their renovated kitchen area. The kitchen improvements are important to the church. The ladies host fundraising breakfasts in the fellowship hall and needed a more modern facility for their project.

ISI builds the newsletter and adds photography to images and text supplied by the Church. ISI authored, maintains and hosts the Charge website.

Piney Creek UMC by Imaging Specialists, Inc.
Summer 2015 Edition of the Alleghany Historical – Genealogical Society Newsletter. PDF file has been optimized for fast download.


ISI also produces the newsletter for the Alleghany Historical – Genealogical Society. The quarterly newsletter contains historical photographs, research articles and current club news for members. ISI designs and produces the entire newsletter for AHGS from concept to printing. Additionally, ISI authored, maintains and hosts

Newsletters inform, unite and motivate members. They also encourage new membership and donations. Newsletters are effective, in any format- printed, emailed, or on a website. Online, PDFs work very well as they can be formatted for optimum appearance, security and load times. A PDF file will look and reproduce consistently, regardless of the user’s hardware or operating system. Text and graphics display and print without degradation in quality, and PDF viewers are free to the user.

If your group needs an effective newsletter, contact Imaging Specialists, today.


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The Blue Ridge National Heritage Area – Heritage Trail Signage in Sparta

HeritageTrailLogoHave you been to Crouse Park lately? If so, you know that Sparta is now the third stop on the Blue Ridge Heritage Trail!

The folks at the Blue Ridge National Heritage Area have built and installed 70 of these beautiful, informative historical markers around western North Carolina. See the interactive map or download the brochure.

The Sparta Revitalization Committee asked Imaging Specialists to supply photos for the sign at the Crouse House and we couldn’t be more proud of the way they turned out.

The marker features images of the Alleghany Jubilee, Robert Doughton and a northern view from Spry Road looking toward Virginia. The background is a scene of the New River taken by Piney Creek native, (and Imaging Specialists, founder) Ron Halsey. The Jubilee and the view from Spry Road are by Jeff Halsey and the Bob Doughton photo is from the U.S. Library of Congress.a

View from Turkey Knob looking north toward Virgina

We greatly appreciate being allowed to participate in the Blue Ridge Heritage Trails project.

US Representative Robert L. Doughton, Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee and Alleghany native, on the steps of the Capitol.
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Free Human Support

There’s a national company who is currently offering “Domain + Website + Email For Just $1 /MO” & “Free Human Support.” What did your Grandma always say? “If it sounds too good to be true…”


Forget that introductory price. (And it is an introductory price.) Companies that offer discounted rates for signing up more than make up the difference in other ways. You aren’t “working the system” by purchasing the service at the discount. You’re being taken advantage of.

You can be sure that these predatory companies will a) raise the rate the next year, b) limit whatever service is provided at the cheaper rate, c) make it difficult to cancel or change service providers at the end of the year, and d) require add-on purchases above the advertised rate, as a condition of the discount. Reviews of their customer service are historically bad.

There are also the Create Your Free Website Today! companies. Here’s a recent testimonial for what we’ll call Company X:

“…when you contact customer support (if that’s what you want to call it), they direct you to FAQ pages that are completely unhelpful. I put up with [Company X] for about 8 months. While the price is great, you get what you definitely get what you pay for – a cheap website. I realized it’s really not worth trying to go super cheap on something as important as my business’s website…”

28176049_sAt ISI, we offer standard hosting packages that include features like text changes and photo swaps. Our clients know what services and pricing they can expect. We work with clients to ensure their sites work the way they want them to.

When you’re ready to deal with some actual, ethical humans, contact ISI.

The humans are in their new office, at 115 Atwood Street, in Office 505.