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Make a Positive Impact with Imaging Specialists.

In efforts to be an environmentally responsible organization, we’ve joined Call2Recycle, the only free rechargeable battery and cell phone collection program in North America. By conveniently recycling used rechargeable batteries and old cell phones through Call2Recycle, we’re demonstrating our commitment to the environment by adopting green business practices.

“Participating in a battery recycling program is one important way that businesses can advance their green business practices and make their organization more sustainable,” said Carl Smith, president and CEO of RBRC, which operates Call2Recycle. “Imaging Specialists is joining thousands of businesses across the country that have incorporated battery recycling into environmental initiatives and are contributing to a cleaner environment and healthier, safer communities.”

Rechargeable batteries are a long-lasting, eco-friendly power source for many electronic devices, including laptop computers, cell phones, portable scanners and printers, power tools and PDAs. We want to encourage others to recycle the rechargeable batteries used in our offices and community every day, preventing the used products from entering the solid waste stream.

Since 1996, 70 million pounds of rechargeable batteries have been collected through Call2Recycle. Various federal, state and provincial regulations govern the proper disposal of rechargeable batteries and cell phones, naming Call2Recycle in official legislation as the collection method for eco-safe rechargeable battery and cell phone reclamation and recycling. Call2Recycle is the first battery program to attain Basel Action Network (BAN) e-Steward qualification and upholds strict third-party standards for environmental safety and social responsibility.