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Does the ACTV Test Pattern Look Familiar?

American Indian from original RCA Test pattern.

The new station ID on Alleghany Community Television might look a little familiar to you if you’re a little older, and it might look familiar if you’re a little younger- but, probably, for different reasons. We generated a “retro style” test pattern from the old, RCA pattern, found here, but enhanced it to fit a more modern 16:9 ratio.

We created the new graphic using Adobe Illustrator and based it on a public domain version we found online. That version, as well as the original from RCA, features a familiar American icon, the native-American, Indian Chief. According to Wikipedia, “The original art work was completed for RCA by an artist named Brooks on August 23, 1938.” The test pattern helped technicians to “fine-tune” sets for many years.

But we modified the drawing (a little) for display on ACTV. Intending no disrespect to our native-American ancestors, we’ve removed the model’s head-dress and added an Alleghany High Trojan Helmet.

Alleghany’s Trojan cousin at ACTV.

ISI has been working with ACTV to build animated videos for the station and its sponsors, using supplied art or the customer’s specifications.

Take a look at the new Station ID and see more in our online, video portfolio here.

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Alleghany Television Goes Worldwide!

Alleghany Community Television, or ACTV, is now streaming content at ACTV.ME.

That’s right, those great, local shows you’ve been trying to catch will now be available for download to your own device at your convenience. ACTV has teamed with PegCentral and Imaging Specialists to present single episodes of participating programs on their site.

The new On Demand page will be available at –  a new web address that should be easier to remember (and spell!) than the main site address,

ACTV will soon begin uploading broadcast data to Skybest TV so that, as they standardize the schedule, viewers can plan for upcoming broadcasts. Metadata for individual episodes will be added including content, producers, show credits, run times, production dates, etc. and will be displayed online or on TV broadcast schedules.

Station Manager Charlie Scott – “The streaming ability we’ve gained with our latest equipment upgrade will allow our station to be accessed by anyone who isn’t able to see us on our affiliate stations. The systems that presently air ACTV content include Alleghany Cablevision, Skybest TV, Surry TV and WilkesTelecommunications. Those systems deliver ACTV to roughly 7000 households in the mountain region and cover a viewing area ranging from around Lewisville, North Carolina, almost to Johnson City, Tennessee.”

The Internet, however, reaches viewers outside the Triad to Tri-City area. Now, of course, ACTV content will be available to the entire planet. It’s hard to say what browsers in Britain will think about a Sparta Town Council Meeting, or how the Alleghany County Extension Office Cooking Show will affect a surfer in South Africa, but you can be sure these and other shows will have an audience.

Imaging Specialists is pleased to be working with Alleghany Community Television in their efforts to inform and entertain the public- from Piney Creek to Prague, from Turkey to Turkey Knob!

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Imaging Specialists’ Trip to the Musuem

We’re shining a spotlight on the Alleghany Historical Museum! Since the Museum’s opening in 2009, a regular feature of the award-winning AHGS newsletter has been “What’s New Old at the Museum?” In preparing this feature, we’ve photographed items to include. The current newsletter only reaches members of the Society (membership’s only 10 bucks a year), and old newsletters are available online.

We wanted to expand on that feature and make the information available to even more folks. Watch the video below, over on YouTube, or catch it on Alleghany Community Television. ACTV will use the footage as filler between programs, so it will have a huge potential audience- currently around 5000 homes!

Contact us if you’re in need of commercial photography services.

(Sorry the animation’s a little choppy on YouTube!)

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Alleghany Production Brings Down (to Help Rebuild) the House!

The Trojan Playmakers’ production of Uncommonly Noble, a brand new play by Cheri Choate, was a successful fundraiser for the newly-renovated Alleghany Community Auditorium, April 28th. ISI helped with graphics including logo design, flyers, TV slides, programs and DVD art.

DVD art for Uncommonly Noble, performed  in the new Alleghany Community Auditorium by the Trojan Playmakers on April 28, 2012. The production will be broadcast on Alleghany Community Television.
DVD art for Uncommonly Noble, performed in the new Alleghany Community Auditorium by the Trojan Playmakers on April 28, 2012. The production will be broadcast on Alleghany Community Television.

If you missed it, the show was video taped by Charlie Scott of Alleghany Community Television and will be broadcast later this month on Alleghany Cablevision and Skybest TV. Imaging Specialists is currently working on titles and credits for the TV production. DVDs will be available.

This production was a real home-grown project. The Playmakers collaborated with many area businesses and organizations to assist the Friends of the Auditorium in their efforts to rebuild and repurpose the old Sparta School Auditorium.

Making it all look easy was a cast and crew of hard working area elementary, middle and high school students who (we’re sure) will be involved with many more such productions.

Among those who donated time and effort were Director- Dyani VanHoose, Producer-  Jeremy Halsey and Alleghany Community Theatre, Appachian Woodwright, James Maynard, local craftsman, Gracen Lucas, Mary Jane Watson from A Perfect Image Hair Design who helped with makeup, Chris Davis of Studio Redwood– sets and set design, Paula Joines of Wilkes County Theatre– wardrobe, Ashe Community Theatre, Shelley Williams- costumes, Bill Troiani- sound, Jim Williams- lights and the Production’s Sponsor, Alleghany County Schools.

Imaging Specialists is proud to be a part of this extraordinary production by Cheri and her Trojan Playmakers.

The newly, rebuilt stage at the Alleghany Community Auditorium with stair-step safety lighting
The newly, rebuilt stage at the Alleghany Community Auditorium with stair-step safety lighting
Slide for Alleghany Community Television.
Ad slide for Alleghany Community Television.