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15% Off Sale for ALL BANNERS

Start promoting your big summer event now! All banners are 15% Off from April 15-May 15.

We make beautiful, reusable, weather-proof vinyl banners for churches, corporations and civic groups. Bring your sketch and we’ll design your one-of-a-kind banner. Check out a few we’ve done in the past.

14 oz. vinyl banner material. Double metal grommets every 2 feet. Cut vinyl installed on white, black, red, blue, yellow or green banner. 22″, 34″ or 46″ high by whatever length you need! Contact us for pricing or call 336-372-3002.

Also ask about our rates for corrugated plastic yard signs.

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VFW Museum: Full Steam Ahead

Hand painted mural in the entryway of the VFW Museum in Sparta, North Carolina.

The Bruce Wayne Osborne Post 7034 Veterans of Foreign Wars  has been hard at work, for the last several months, on a military history museum. And they’ve enlisted the help of Imaging Specialists to finish the main entryway. Sparta businesswoman and Gulf War veteran, Kathy Murphy, has created a beautiful  mural above the stairs to the Museum located in the lower level of the VFW’s building located at 1193 US21 (Main Street, just out of town) in Sparta.

We were able to help by laying out, cutting and installing removable vinyl lettering beneath the mural. The text is taken from the St. Crispen’s Day speech in Shakespeare’s Henry V and fits into the patriotic theme of the museum.

Thank you Kathy for your hours of work and to all you folks for your years of service on our behalf.

And that’s just the entrance. The group has pitched in to assemble a first rate collection of militaria divided into the four main branches of service, Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps. The collection seems to grow daily and includes videos and literature for research.

If you’ve not yet been to the museum, plan a trip. Imaging Specialists is proud to have played a small part in this project to honor our veterans.

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All Signs Point to a Banner Summer!

We’ve been covered up with banners and signs this Spring! And we want to keep it that way, so all through July 2012 banners are 15% off!

Below are pictures of some of our recent projects.

Saturday, be sure to attend the Lion Club‘s Sparta Fest at the renovated Community Auditorium and go to the Alleghany Farmers Market. Sunday, support Cornerstone Youth and Sparta Presbyterian Church. Hit Mis Arados for some great Mexican food. Meet the folks at downtown’s newest shops, Alleghany Golf Carts and Vintage Vincents. If you get lost, find the Courthouse and head a few feet west to the You-Are-Here sign the Sparta Revitalization Committee has posted.

Or, cross the street and come in the store. We’ll help you find your way. There’s a lot of activity in town. We appreciate the chance to be involved!

If you need a sign or banner for your next event, project, celebration, reunion, (whatever!)  Call Claire at 336-372-3002 or email for pricing.


2-sided 34″ x 12′ 2012 Sparta Fest Banner for Sparta Lions Club

16″ x 10′ Sparta Presbyterian Church Banner

34″ x 10′ Banner for Alleghany Farmers Market

Farmers’ Market, Sparta Fest, and Sparta Presbyterian Church Banners, and Alleghany Quilt Guild Yard Signs
Yard Signs

Cornerstone Youth will “flamingo flock” your yard!

Flamingo Flock at A Cut Above (336-372-7007)
Printed Signage

Detail of downtown map

Downtown You-Are-Here Sign on North Main

Detail of churches drawn by ISI for downtown map.

Donation “Thermometer” for improvements at the Alleghany Community Auditorium

Corrugated plastic panels in cases at the auditorium entrance featuring donors, vendors and playbills.

Design for corrugated plastic donor panel.

Alleghany Cares, Absher Flooring,  Alleghany County Schools, Bill Troiani, Truline Truss, Blevins Building Supply, The Dance Place, Daniel Caudill, Gerald Davis, Horton Cabinets, Imaging Specialists, Jason Williams Construction, Kevin Spurlin, Robbie Todd, Tristate Components, Trojan Playmakers and Sparta School Maintenance Crew
Sponsor Panel
Window Decals

Door Vinyl at Mis Arados (336-372-1414)

Alleghany Golf Carts (336-657-1212)

Window Decals Sign at Vintage Vincents – 32 West Whitehead St. – Just a block from the Courthouse

Vintage Vincents window decals
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Parade Banner Suggestions

Whether you’re marching in Sparta’s annual Christmas Parade or making a special appearance in the Independence Day parade in Independence, VA, you want your banner to be seen. And caring for it properly will allow you to re-use it for a long time.

For a good, visible parade banner, we generally suggest 3 foot x 8 or 10 foot size. (Our banners are made  with double grommets every 2 feet, so we sell them in 2-foot increments.) For parades, we’ve had good luck attaching banners to a closet rod or stairway hand-rail. They’re easily available at home improvement stores already sanded.

Get one approximately 4 feet longer than the banner so that the two carriers can walk without kicking it and use zip ties to attach the banner to the pole.

Parade Banner Idea from Imaging Specialists.
Parade Banner Idea from Imaging Specialists.

For added stability, attach a second rod to the bottom. This one should be cut the length of the banner- again so the carriers don’t kick it. Sometimes, when high winds are in the forecast, we cut curved vents into banners so wind can pass through.

Here are some Banner Care tips:

  • Secure it
    When hanging your banner, secure it well. Otherwise, the wind can catch it and whip the corners. Our banners have grommets every two feet for easy hanging.
  • Roll it
    Loosely roll your vinyl banner with the vinyl facing outward. Don’t fold it or put anything very tight, like a rubber band, around it which could permanently crease or warp it.
  • Clean it
    Do not use solvents to clean your banner. Wipe it down with a damp, soft cloth. If needed, use a mild detergent or soap and water. Wipe clean with soft cloth. Do not use harsh solvents. Make sure your banner is completely dry before storing it.
  • Store it
    Store the banner in a cool, dry place. Don’t store your banner in extremely high temperatures, such as a car trunk, attic or storage building.

Need a new banner? Contact us for pricing. If you have any problems with your banner, or any additional questions concerning care, contact us at or 336-372-3002.

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2010 Hillbilly Show

The 2010 Hillbilly Show is this weekend. It’ll be Saturday night, at 7:00pm at the Sparta School Auditorium. Agnes Joines from the Alleghany Jubilee directs it and we’re sure it’ll be a show to remember. The Hillbilly Show is put on by BROC‘s Alleghany Planning Committee and the proceeds of the show go to help the needy in our county.

Our friend Hillbilly Wes is always involved with the show. This year he wanted to have a few promotional items for it. We’ve done mugs and buttons in the past. This year, we made him a couple of T-shirts.

Promotional shirt and mug for Hillbilly Wes

We’ve done vinyl graphics for interior walls, outdoor signs, and glass window decals. Now we’ve tackled the fabric challenge! We’re cutting Enduratex Hotmark 70 apparel vinyl (available in any color) and applying it to Hanes Beefy Ts. We think these shirts will be great for other events – family reunions, annual club meetings, etc. Also, look for new shirts and hoodies in The Sparta Store, in-store and online, this fall.

If you need custom T-shirts, call 336-372-3002 or email for pricing and availability.