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Corporate Identity by ISI

Monday, April 26th, 2010
Alleghany Historical Museum Logo

Alleghany Historical Museum Logo

As you know Imaging Specialists can help with your logo but you might not know we can help with your entire corporate identity.

Businesses and organizations alike benefit from a consistent, standard image, defined by a comprehensive style guide. A style guide contains regulations for everything from color usage to correct logo versions to letterhead layout that you set. It guides designers and printers in the proper way to graphically represent your company.

A style guide protects your company or organization’s brand- an essential element in marketing. It assures a proper, professional look, in print, signage, online or any other medium you need for your business.


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Sparta Revitalization Committee Banner

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

ISI has designed and cut a new vinyl banner for the Sparta Revitalization Comittee’s Summer Jamboree. This year’s theme is, “Together We Make Good Things Happen.” We incorporated the SRC’s logo with local themes including the Parkway, pines, hills with the new tag line in a red, white and blue reusable vinyl banner that will be displayed at events throughout the year. The banner measures 22″ x 10′.

2010 Summer Jamboree Banner

2010 Summer Jamboree Banner design


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