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Rack Cards & Web Pages to Promote Your Business!

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

An attractive rack card is an important marketing tool in the mountain country. Most of the time, tourists come to an area like ours with an idea of something to do, but not everything they might want to do- they just know they’ll find something when they get here.

New Rack Card for Sam & Edna Miller Christmas Tree Farm Featuring Their Own Beautiful Scenic Views

New Rack Card for Sam & Edna Miller Christmas Tree Farm Featuring Their Own Beautiful Scenic Views

That’s how a great brochure can help. You can’t be at the camp ground, the hotel, the Visitors Center and all the area restaurants at the same time- but your information can be.

A glossy, eye-catching rack card from Imaging Specialists can promote your enterprise and point potential customers to your site, like no other promotional item.

Think about it: A family is finishing breakfast and looking for something to fill in before the reunion this afternoon. At the card rack outside the restaurant they find your card featuring your own photos, contact information, maps and directions to your website.

Online they find PDFs to download outlining your policies and open times, or coupons, or recipes, or whatever information you’d like to communicate to a potential patron.

With just a little advance work, you are automatically attracting customers.

Send your latest rack card to your newsletter list. Remind loyal customers to check out the new info on your web site. In fact…

Point Everything to Your Webpage

Rack Card for the new Village Emporium in Sparta.

Rack Card for the new Village Emporium in Sparta.

Use all static marketing, like billboards, pamphlets, brochures and rack cards to point to update-able advertising, like your site. That way, you only need to make updates to your policies, store hours, product list, etc. in one place.

Make even “standard” forms you use everyday, downloadable PDFs at your site. Rather than on your hard drive, store latest versions on your server, so that you don’t have to update multiple files in multiple locations.

Imaging Specialists is not just different in how we manage sites- compared to traditional hosting companies, we’re downright revolutionary!

Our standard hosting package includes up to an hour each month of text and image swaps. That means your changes and updates are easier (and less expensive) than ever before.

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