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On spam.

Everybody gets spam. Here are a few tips on how to lessen & manage it:
  1. Implement a spam blocker that will help cut back the volume.
  2. Never publish email addresses directly on your web site.
  3. Use a contact form for interaction with the public so as not to reveal individual email addresses.
  4. Set up filters on email clients that will send emails containing common “swear” words and other common keywords (viagra, refinance, credit score, etc.) to the trash immediately.
Everyone is susceptible to spam – there is no 100% solution. Once an email address is out there, it’s vulnerable. A few ways to prevent an increase of spam are to:
  1. Never click links in spam or unsolicited emails, as this can signal a spammer that your address is valid. Valid addresses are traded or sold to other spammers.
  2. Report spoof emails (emails that pretend to be from PayPal, LinkedIn, etc.) to the actual organizations, who will investigate them. (Most have an address to forward spoofs- search the term “spoof” at their site to find out.)
  3. Police your inbox diligently, deleting unsolicited emails from your system, so that other users don’t accidentally access them in a search, and think they are valid.
Unfortunately, there is no filter or application that will replace responsible, diligent management of an organization’s email.
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November 23 BookFest in Downtown Sparta

From 11am till 2pm on Saturday, November 23, regional authors will be appearing for book signings at downtown shops.

Hosting locations are Alleghany Historical Museum, Alleghany County Public Library, Becca’s Backwoods, Books N’ Friends, Centerview, Homespun, Imaging Specialists, Inc., Mangum-Cater on Main, Murphy’s Mercantile, Ofelia’s On Main, and Studio Redwood.

Authors are Kimberly Killon Atwell, Tim Bullard, Doug Butler, C. David Gelly, Jeff Halsey, Rose M. Haynes, Drew Hines, Rick Houston, Suzanne Irwin & Zach Hamm, Illustrator, Elva Sieg, Donn Shoultz, Peggy Poe Stern, Vicky Town, and Sparta United Methodist Women.

Downtown Sparta, NC
Saturday, November 23
11am – 2pm

Doug Butler:
After Appomattox: NC Civil War Monuments

Kimberly Killon Atwell:
A Stocking Full of Switches
A Brand-New Creature

Tim Bullard:
Haunted Watauga County

Peggy Poe Stern:
Last of the Summer Wine

C. David Gelly:
Fancy Gap
Books N’ Friends:
Rick Houston:
Wheels Stop: The Tragedies and Triumphs of the Space Shuttle Program

Donn Shoultz:
Melting Sand

Vicky Town:
Mayhem in the Museum
Imaging Specialists, Inc.: Suzanne Irwin & Zach Hamm, Illustrator:
The Stratford Oaks Tales

Jeff Halsey:
Star Route Books – Four Brothers in Gray

Mangum-Cater on Main: Rose M. Haynes:
The Ore Knob Mine Murders
Murphy’s Mercantile: Drew Hines:
Blue Ridge Music Trails of North Carolina
Ofelia’s On Main: Elva Sieg:
Celebrating the Underdog by Tom Sieg
Studio Redwood: Sparta United Methodist Women:
Faith, Food, and Fellowship

Come and join the fun and consider “liking” BookFest in Sparta for updates on other events.