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Walking on Holy Ground by Pratt Davis – New from Star Route Books


Walking on Holy Ground, the new book by Pratt Davis.New from Pratt Davis: Walking on Holy Ground, Essays on Being Present to the Mystery of Life that Surround Us.

Part Opening page featuring a photo by Pratt Davis.

Walking on Holy Ground is a collection of individual essays, “that invite readers to look at the ordinary surroundings of their lives through a contemplative lens. The essays ask us to a slow read, not a quick read, where we can sit with, think about, and chew on the thoughts shared in them. Each essay gives us a glimpse of the Mystery that surrounds us and the Meaning that runs like a thread through our lives. We are asked to stop, look closely, and appreciate the world around us. We are encouraged to see below the surface of our lives and experience the Mystery and Meaning for ourselves.”

We added images by the author, stock photography and one of our own photos (page 5, New River) and provided cover and interior page design for the project.

112 pages, softcover, 6″ x 9″.

Chapter Opening page.