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Parade Banner Suggestions

Whether you’re marching in Sparta’s annual Christmas Parade or making a special appearance in the Independence Day parade in Independence, VA, you want your banner to be seen. And caring for it properly will allow you to re-use it for a long time.

For a good, visible parade banner, we generally suggest 3 foot x 8 or 10 foot size. (Our banners are made  with double grommets every 2 feet, so we sell them in 2-foot increments.) For parades, we’ve had good luck attaching banners to a closet rod or stairway hand-rail. They’re easily available at home improvement stores already sanded.

Get one approximately 4 feet longer than the banner so that the two carriers can walk without kicking it and use zip ties to attach the banner to the pole.

Parade Banner Idea from Imaging Specialists.
Parade Banner Idea from Imaging Specialists.

For added stability, attach a second rod to the bottom. This one should be cut the length of the banner- again so the carriers don’t kick it. Sometimes, when high winds are in the forecast, we cut curved vents into banners so wind can pass through.

Here are some Banner Care tips:

  • Secure it
    When hanging your banner, secure it well. Otherwise, the wind can catch it and whip the corners. Our banners have grommets every two feet for easy hanging.
  • Roll it
    Loosely roll your vinyl banner with the vinyl facing outward. Don’t fold it or put anything very tight, like a rubber band, around it which could permanently crease or warp it.
  • Clean it
    Do not use solvents to clean your banner. Wipe it down with a damp, soft cloth. If needed, use a mild detergent or soap and water. Wipe clean with soft cloth. Do not use harsh solvents. Make sure your banner is completely dry before storing it.
  • Store it
    Store the banner in a cool, dry place. Don’t store your banner in extremely high temperatures, such as a car trunk, attic or storage building.

Need a new banner? Contact us for pricing. If you have any problems with your banner, or any additional questions concerning care, contact us at or 336-372-3002.