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Make a Positive Impact with Imaging Specialists.

In efforts to be an environmentally responsible organization, we’ve joined Call2Recycle, the only free rechargeable battery and cell phone collection program in North America. By conveniently recycling used rechargeable batteries and old cell phones through Call2Recycle, we’re demonstrating our commitment to the environment by adopting green business practices.

“Participating in a battery recycling program is one important way that businesses can advance their green business practices and make their organization more sustainable,” said Carl Smith, president and CEO of RBRC, which operates Call2Recycle. “Imaging Specialists is joining thousands of businesses across the country that have incorporated battery recycling into environmental initiatives and are contributing to a cleaner environment and healthier, safer communities.”

Rechargeable batteries are a long-lasting, eco-friendly power source for many electronic devices, including laptop computers, cell phones, portable scanners and printers, power tools and PDAs. We want to encourage others to recycle the rechargeable batteries used in our offices and community every day, preventing the used products from entering the solid waste stream.

Since 1996, 70 million pounds of rechargeable batteries have been collected through Call2Recycle. Various federal, state and provincial regulations govern the proper disposal of rechargeable batteries and cell phones, naming Call2Recycle in official legislation as the collection method for eco-safe rechargeable battery and cell phone reclamation and recycling. Call2Recycle is the first battery program to attain Basel Action Network (BAN) e-Steward qualification and upholds strict third-party standards for environmental safety and social responsibility.

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Searching for Opti-Copy info?

Opti-Copy's trademark for many years.
Opti-Copy Trademark for many years.

If you’re looking for information on Opti-Copy, Ron Halsey, or Jeff Halsey,  contact us.

We both worked at Opti-Copy for years in the 1970’s and 80’s. Dad was the sixth person hired and I was the sixteenth. We started out in North Kansas City, Missouri and later moved the plant to Lenexa, Kansas. It was a great place for a young (or older) kid to learn. Everything from film, chemistry, physics, photography, lens theory, mechanics- you name it!- was available from some darn fine model-makers and engineers. There were also one or two good camera technicians around.

Joe Wally, Sam Wilson, Jack Wally, Paul Brown, Louie Friedly, BB Young and George Martin were only some of the folks around there to learn from. We built what was then state-of-the-art prepress equipment, with reps from Kodak, Du Pont, Agfa, Fuji stopping by every few days to “test something out.”

We shipped and installed our step-and-repeat projection systems all over the US and Canada and later Europe, Australia and South Africa. Before long, Opti had even sold more than a few systems to Japanese companies.

So… if you have a comment or a question about our days at Opti, give us a call. We might even remember the answer!

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Roy’s Folks to Feature ISI’s Folks!

Recently, Roy Ackland and David Weatherly from Roy’s Folks at WGHP FOX8 in the Piedmont-Triad honored us with a visit. We had sent out a press release on our book Family Photos- Eli Hamilton Halsey and Lillian Blanche Smith and they were looking for a day trip to escape the hot weather, so they came to Sparta.

Kingsport Press Logo
Kingsport Press

We were able to talk about the book, and our history in the printing industry. My dad told about his career in printing- in Roanoke, Bristol and in the photographic department at Kingsport Press. He eventually went to work for Opti-Copy, Inc. in Kansas City, traveling all over the world installing equipment and working with dealers. I went to work with Opti after school and traveled extensively in installation and service of the step-and-repeat cameras we built.

Opti-Copy, Inc. in Lenexa, Kansas in the eighties.
Opti-Copy, Inc. in Lenexa, Kansas in the eighties.

When the Japanese company, Polychrome, bought the company, Dad and I  moved to Greensboro where he co-founded Imaging Specialists, Inc. with partner, Gerry Foss. ISI was a prepress trade shop supplying printers with one piece, plate-ready film. We produced film for books, publications, ads, and labels and worked with offset, roto-gravure, flexo and even silk screeners.

Since we had contacts at printing companies across the country, we were well positioned for farm-out and overflow work. My brother, Alan, (also an ex Opti-Copy employee) and I redesigned the drive systems on our cameras and successfully marketed that idea and imposition software to other Opti owners. Eventually, we were able to buy out Mr. Foss’ half of the business and the company was truly then a “Mom & Pop” organization. My mother, Eloise, had been working with us since we started in Greensboro and my wife, Sharon, had joined us in 1994.

Ron Halsey with one-piece, plate-ready, final film, Imaging Specialists' main output for years.

Desktop publishing and the digital revolution finally killed our part of the prepress work flow and Dad decided to retire in 2000. We knew we had to reinvent ourselves, so Sharon and I also moved the business to the mountains in 2003.

Our experience in graphics and printing has helped us in the digital age. We run Adobe Creative Suite on Mac and PC platforms. We have expanded into the internet and now build and host websites. Our daughter, Claire, has joined us, now, and handles the web work.

We think our prepress experience coupled with on-demand printing makes a perfect fit. We offer services that include page layout and design, photo optimization, illustration, and e-commerce and marketing websites.

These turn-key book assembly services we perform are much like the days when we would accept a stack of pages (literally, a basket-case) correct and assemble them into what the printer needed to produce a book. And with on-demand, self-publishing is very reasonable. Contact us if you have an idea or a book that you want to discuss.

And check out our story on television, next week. Thanks Roy and David. I can’t think of a better way to wrap up Dad’s birthday present.